Circles Cropping Up – And Upcoming Talks

Crop circle season is coming into full swing in the UK and Europe.  If you check out the Crop Circle Connector, you’ll see some of the beautiful formations so far this 2016.  One interesting crop circle in Avebury was a ring with a simple circle in the centre (photo here courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector):GreenStreet

It was reminiscent of a Canadian formation from Midale, Saskatchewan, back on September 1, 2001 (photo courtesy CCCRN archives): Midale_ SK #7_ 2001

A somewhat similar formation occurred twelve days later near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England.  A few days after that, it showed a second phase, that is, it ‘evolved’ into a different geometric pattern with a swirly star in the middle.  I’ve seen this ‘phasing’ happen with Canadian formations too, namely the Stewarttown, Ontario formation in late July, 2003 (I’ll write more about this formation in future posts, as well as other Canadian ones). Here is a photo of the Stewarttown crop circle as first discovered, and an aerial of it in its final form (photos courtesy Matt Rock/CCCRN): MattRockStewarttownphotoPHASE1MattRockStewarttownphoto


In my effort to promote awareness of Canadian crop circles, I’ll be giving two presentations this summer.  I am speaking at the Alien Cosmic Expo on Sunday June 26 in Brantford, Ontario.  And in late July, I will be at the The Summer Crop Circle Lectures  in Wiltshire, England.  You can also listen to a radio interview I gave this past May for Aquarian Radio here .

Although I will be travelling quite a bit this year, I would be happy to give other presentations, if I’m available.  Feel free to contact me.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you’ve spotted a crop circle here in Canada.  Perhaps one of the most important aspects, however, is to obtain permission before entering a field.  If it truly is a crop circle,  there are excellent ways to work with the landowner and enable others to experience this wonderful phenomena – I’d be happy to assist with this.  Here is an inspirational video from last year’s season, taken during harvest, which illustrates this point.