Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!  While it may be snowy and cold out (at least here where I am in Southern Ontario), I’m always feeling more positive after the winter solstice since I know the days are getting longer, and warmer weather is on its way (sooner or later).  Of course, that means crop circle season is just ahead too and while I likely won’t be able to visit the UK in 2017, I will definitely keep track of what happens over there – and over here!

It has been just over a year since I began this site and I’ve decided to set up a new Facebook page, Canadian Crop Circles , to accompany this blog and hopefully be another resource for Canadian crop circle-related information and possible reports.

Since it is winter, I’d like to mention again about snow circles and ice rings.  While extremely rare, these phenomena are not unheard of and one of the best examples are the Holland Snow Formations from several years ago.  Do check out that report, it’s amazing.

And below are some photos from the CCCRN archives of an interesting ice ring report from Sudbury, Ontario in 2005 (image copyright CCCRN/D.Chevrier).  Is something like this caused by underwater currents or is it truly another aspect of the crop circle mystery?  Who knows but I think it’s important to document these – they’re beautiful, fascinating and make us wonder – just like crop circles!