A Few Early Season Thoughts

Like many of you, I am diligently checking the many crop circle links and facebook groups I know of to see what’s happening this crop circle season over in England.  While it has been unseasonally cool here in Southern Ontario, the weather is warming and soon the fields will be full of crops.

While walking my dog in the tall, wet grass of our local cemetery recently, I saw these: grasscircledundas1They look like a couple of strange grass crop circles, but are actually caused by a soil fungus which causes extra nitrogen in the soil to produce rings of darker, taller, grass.  Often called ‘fairy rings’, they are more common in damp environments.  We have had a lot of rain lately, so this probably the cause, although I like to think there’s still some mystery to the lovely circles.  If you’re interested in truly mysterious grass circles, check out this video of ones from Holland recently (in Dutch but the images are amazing).

But back to the ‘real’ circles – I’d also like to share with you a fascinating video by Gary King.  He recently started a youtube series called ‘Against The Grain’ and in this second episode – which you can find here – Gary discusses an April 2017 crop circle at Cherhill, Wiltshire, UK with a man-made one from several years earlier.  Both occurred in canola which is very fragile plant with yellow flowers.  The man-made formation was featured in a 2015 ‘Ancient Aliens’ series (the ‘Circles From The Sky’ episode). and coincidentally, I had given a copy of this dvd to watch a couple of weeks before Gary’s report!  But again, when it comes to the crop circle phenomenon, they are plenty of synchronicity stories, and I’m eager to hear of any new ones that may happen this year!