Hello Summer, Hello Crop Circles!

It’s finally summer and that means the possibility of crop circles here in Canada.  Our season typically starts later July and continues well in autumn.  Of course, this year’s crop circles have been appearing in the UK and Europe for the past several weeks.  Here’s the latest episode of Gary King’s Against The Grain video update from June 17.  What I find especially interesting is that some of this year’s formations seem to have a ‘sun’ theme – perhaps tied to the solar eclipse which can be viewed in parts of the USA this August?  It’s not unheard of that many crop circles have been linked to astronomical events.

I’ll be around southwestern Ontario this Canada Day holiday long weekend keeping my eyes open for anything interesting in the fields. And as always, if you think you may have seen a crop circle, do let us know!  Happy 150th Canada Day and have a great summer!