My Own Experience

I’ve personally been in many crop circles, both here in Ontario, Canada, and in England.  Through my own research and experience, I truly believe this is a real phenomenon.

Long before my interest in crop circles, I also held a fascination for the Shroud of Turin – an ancient cloth which many believe to be the burial shroud of Jesus.  Like crop circles, the Shroud is an enigma.  The more you study it, the more questions arise (for those interested in the Turin Shroud, I suggest you visit , an excellent, in-depth website for all Shroud-related information).  In 2007, I also wrote a book which is available free to view on the internet, Journey of the Shroud: Stories for Young People.  And in 2010, I even travelled to Turin, Italy to view the Shroud during a public exposition.  As a Catholic, the whole experience was thrilling, but I was also keenly interested in crop circles.  Did the two have any connection?  I knew there had been crop circle formations in the shape of religious symbols, but why hadn’t there been any Turin Shroud crop circle?  Wouldn’t that be something, I thought.

That summer, a crop circle which resembled the face, and back of the head, on the Shroud of Turin appeared (you can view the newspaper report here).  I was speechless.

I know I am not the first to have this happen – a wish, a dream, or perhaps just a thought comes about and the crop circles respond.  I have made this personal experience public now, not because I have any answers, but because I feel these crop circles are important to humanity.