New Year & New Adventures

Welcome to 2018!  Hopefully this will be a year with some amazing crop circle adventures.  I am planning to travel to the UK sometime this summer and doing more research on any crop circles I am able to visit.  As well, there is always the possibility that we may get a report or two on a new Canadian formation this year.  They can also occur in the snow, and ice, – although both are extremely rare. In the meantime, I’ll have an information and ‘crop circle laser-cut items’ table at a couple of fairs this season – the Jan.20 Mystic Wellness Bazaar in St. Catharines, Ontario, and the Mar.10 fair at the Dundas Legion here in my hometown of Dundas, Ontario.  Feel free to request to join my Canadian Crop Circles facebook group if you are interested in keeping up with the most recent news. Happy Winter to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere – and I’ll update this site again soon.

caledoneastIs this a snow circle from several years back in Caledon East? Whatever it was, it certainly was interesting!



Getting The Word Out

It seems like summer has flown by (as it usually does here in Canada) and while there hasn’t been a definitive Canadian crop circle sighting that I know of this year, there have been some reports of ‘possible’ formations.  So the word is getting out that this is a site where anyone can report what they’ve seen.  Below is one of several photos sent to me by ‘Kate’ who thought she saw a crop circle on Hwy 15 between Sealy’s Bay and Portland, Ontario. Hwy15SealysBayPortlandON2017 It is perhaps an RDA, or randomly-downed area – a non-symmetrical area of downed crop.  But even RDAs often show nodal changes and curious ‘lay’ patterns which are hallmarks of genuine formations and it is thought that some of the same ‘energies’ which create fascinating crop circles (such as those that still appeared in the UK this past summer) are still at play in RDAs.  Here is another example of an RDA I saw near Erin, Ontario earlier this summer:RDAErin2017

I’d like to point that although we are now in October, there have in the past been corn (maize) formations found in Ontario during the fall – so stay tuned!

Lastly, I came across this interesting article about one of Canada’s most famous UFO sightings – that of Edwin Fuhr in Langenburg, Saskatchewan in 1974.  The event included what seemed to be ‘saucer nests’ which look eerily like crop circles (see image below).  It’s a fascinating read.


Edwin Fuhr, left, and his wife Karen at the site of his 1974 UFO encounter on July 26, 2017. TROY FLEECE / Regina Leader-Post

Hello Summer, Hello Crop Circles!

It’s finally summer and that means the possibility of crop circles here in Canada.  Our season typically starts later July and continues well in autumn.  Of course, this year’s crop circles have been appearing in the UK and Europe for the past several weeks.  Here’s the latest episode of Gary King’s Against The Grain video update from June 17.  What I find especially interesting is that some of this year’s formations seem to have a ‘sun’ theme – perhaps tied to the solar eclipse which can be viewed in parts of the USA this August?  It’s not unheard of that many crop circles have been linked to astronomical events.

I’ll be around southwestern Ontario this Canada Day holiday long weekend keeping my eyes open for anything interesting in the fields. And as always, if you think you may have seen a crop circle, do let us know!  Happy 150th Canada Day and have a great summer!

A Few Early Season Thoughts

Like many of you, I am diligently checking the many crop circle links and facebook groups I know of to see what’s happening this crop circle season over in England.  While it has been unseasonally cool here in Southern Ontario, the weather is warming and soon the fields will be full of crops.

While walking my dog in the tall, wet grass of our local cemetery recently, I saw these: grasscircledundas1They look like a couple of strange grass crop circles, but are actually caused by a soil fungus which causes extra nitrogen in the soil to produce rings of darker, taller, grass.  Often called ‘fairy rings’, they are more common in damp environments.  We have had a lot of rain lately, so this probably the cause, although I like to think there’s still some mystery to the lovely circles.  If you’re interested in truly mysterious grass circles, check out this video of ones from Holland recently (in Dutch but the images are amazing).

But back to the ‘real’ circles – I’d also like to share with you a fascinating video by Gary King.  He recently started a youtube series called ‘Against The Grain’ and in this second episode – which you can find here – Gary discusses an April 2017 crop circle at Cherhill, Wiltshire, UK with a man-made one from several years earlier.  Both occurred in canola which is very fragile plant with yellow flowers.  The man-made formation was featured in a 2015 ‘Ancient Aliens’ series (the ‘Circles From The Sky’ episode). and coincidentally, I had given a copy of this dvd to watch a couple of weeks before Gary’s report!  But again, when it comes to the crop circle phenomenon, they are plenty of synchronicity stories, and I’m eager to hear of any new ones that may happen this year!

The UK Season Has Started!

The first UK crop circles of the 2017 season have now appeared.  On April 16 a pendulum-like formation (with a crescent in the larger circle) appeared in a canola (oilseed rape) crop beneath the Cherhill White Horse in Wiltshire, UK.  Some amazing photos can be seen here. Then on April 18, a large circle (also with a crescent centre) and two offset smaller circles were discovered in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, UK.  Look closely and you can see that the two smaller crop circles don’t even touch the tramlines (photo courtesy of ).  Canola is a very fragile plant and extensive breakage wasn’t seen in this formation.

Crop Circle in Tarlton, Gloucestershire UK

Photos courtesy of

It’s interesting to note that crescent shapes are not unheard of in Canadian crop circles, for example, this Matsqui, British Columbia formation from 2004 has two lovely half-moons:

Matsqui, BC image courtesy of CCCRN archives

And dumbell or pendulum shapes have also been seen in here in Canada – thanks to Paul E. for reminding me of this fascinating Georgetown, Ontario crop circle in 2002:

Georgetown, Ontario 2002, photo courtesy of CCCRN archives

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the upcoming season, both in the UK and hopefully here in Canada.  In the meantime, I will have a ‘crop circle’ table at a few events this year, giving out information about this site and crop circles in general.  I also have my crop circle children’s book (from 2001!) available and small circle-related items I make.  It’s my hope more people will learn about this important phenomenon.

My Crop Circle Info Table at the Mystic Bazaar in St. Catharines, Ontario

Lastly, I would like to wish all the best to Nancy Talbott of BLT Research as she recovers from a sudden stroke.  Her website is one of the best for scientific investigation on crop circles and for the past year or so her ongoing Facebook posts have been extremely informative and fascinating.  I do hope she is back online very soon.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Nancy!

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!  While it may be snowy and cold out (at least here where I am in Southern Ontario), I’m always feeling more positive after the winter solstice since I know the days are getting longer, and warmer weather is on its way (sooner or later).  Of course, that means crop circle season is just ahead too and while I likely won’t be able to visit the UK in 2017, I will definitely keep track of what happens over there – and over here!

It has been just over a year since I began this site and I’ve decided to set up a new Facebook page, Canadian Crop Circles , to accompany this blog and hopefully be another resource for Canadian crop circle-related information and possible reports.

Since it is winter, I’d like to mention again about snow circles and ice rings.  While extremely rare, these phenomena are not unheard of and one of the best examples are the Holland Snow Formations from several years ago.  Do check out that report, it’s amazing.

And below are some photos from the CCCRN archives of an interesting ice ring report from Sudbury, Ontario in 2005 (image copyright CCCRN/D.Chevrier).  Is something like this caused by underwater currents or is it truly another aspect of the crop circle mystery?  Who knows but I think it’s important to document these – they’re beautiful, fascinating and make us wonder – just like crop circles!








From The Beginning…

I’ve added a new Summary Archives page to this blog where I will include some of the remarkable work of the former Canadian Crop Circle Network (CCCRN) (which is unfortunately no longer active). I also hope to highlight this information in future posts.  But where to start?  Well, how about the beginning!  In this post, I’ll take a look at the earliest documentation of Canadian crop circles.

One of the first known crop circle reports in Canada occurred in Leeshore, Alberta in 1925 – a farmer’s account of small circles in wheat.  But there is evidence that crop circle-like formations were being noticed throughout Canada much earlier.  Oral reports, often by farmers who found circular depressions in fields while harvesting, were not uncommon.  And Indigenous stories go back even further.  A flattened “magic ring” in grass was described as being found by a hunter in the Indigenous story, “Waupee and the Daughters of the Star” in the book Thirty Indian Legends of Canada, first published in 1912 by Margaret Bemister (publisher: Douglas & McIntyre).

thirtyindianlegends (source:  CCCRN)

Here is an excerpt:  “Suddenly he came to a circle on the prairie.  It looked as if people had run around in a ring until the grass was trampled down.  As he could see no marks of footsteps leading away from the ring, he wondered very much whose feet could have marked out the circle.  So he went and hid, and waited to see if anyone returned to the spot. After a while, he heard the sound of beautiful music. It seemed to come from the sky. As he looked up, he saw something coming down through the air, and the music sounded like the singing of girls. As the object came closer, he could see that it was a wicker basket, and in it were twelve beautiful maidens. After it touched down, the girls alighted from the basket and danced around the circle, but as soon as the hunter made his presence known to them, they jumped back into the basket and were at once drawn up to the sky.”

So it does seem that crop circles have been around in Canada a very long time.  And in 1974, Canada had its first media account.  This occurred in Langenburg, Sasktachewan where farmer Edwin Fuhr saw five metallic, dome-shaped ‘machines’ create five rings of depressed grass swirled in a clockwise fashion with the centre part standing up.  Two other circles were discovered a few days later (7 circles in total).  This case was investigated by the RCMP.  The conclusion?  This was no hoax.  One newspaper report stated that Ed Fuhr was regarded as a dependable, quiet spoken citizen not give to inventing tall tales.  And an RCMP constable, Ron Morier, was quoted by the Canadian Press as saying, “Something was there and I doubt it was a hoax.  There’s no indication anything had been wheeled in or out and Mr. Fuhr seemed genuinely scared”.  Because of the widespread press, it has been estimated that 7,000 people visited this formation.

picture1(source:  CCCRN)

Hope you enjoyed these blasts from the past – there are more to come.  As we move into the holiday season – and if you are looking a special gift for the croppie on your list (or yourself), I’d like to recommend a unique and intriguing book – Crop Circles, Jung and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine by Jungian analyst Gary Bobroff.  What I like about this book is that Gary covers many of the crop circle ‘basics’ but his research goes deeper into the symbolisms and possible meanings of this phenomena in our time.  I took Gary’s subsequent webinar related to this book and found it highly enjoyable.  If you’re interested in crop circles, but also synchronicity, psyche, the intelligence of nature and the mystery of the unity of spirit and matter, you’ll want to read this book. It reinforces an important question which we should all ask: what do crop circles mean to you?  In a variety of ways, many of us on this planet are trying to knit our conscious and unconscious together – and crop circles are, I believe, an important to clue. They are a mystery, yes, but also a door that opens to a beautiful new understanding, if we ourselves have an open mind, and heart.

Thoughts on Summer 2016

It was a busy summer and now that we’ve reached the autumn equinox I wanted to update this blog with some of my observations over the last few months.  Although I didn’t come across any Canadian crop circle formations this year, I wonder if, perhaps, the phenomenon still occurs in pockets of this vast country but goes unreported.  This could be because there are no witnesses to the crop circle or, if there are, they simply don’t mention it or are unsure where to report it.  That’s where this site comes in – and I hope it will be a resource where anyone can learn about Canadian crop circles or even contact me if they would like more information.


Our visit to Stonehenge, Wiltshire – a crop circle was in the field just across the highway from here.

In July, my husband, Greg, and I travelled to England.  It had been seven years since I was last in Wiltshire and, while I was only in the countryside less than a week (I also visited family in London), I gave a lecture about Canadian crop circles, listened to several other fascinating talks, met some old friends from my past crop circle travels, and made some new friends too.  I was also fortunate to visit a few crop circles and came home with some interesting insights.


The ‘Pyramids’ crop circle at Hackpen Hill

One of the crop circles we visited was at Hackpen Hill.  Although it had seen many visitors, the shape was still fascinating.  Just above it was the ‘Sharks’ formation at the Ridgeway.  This one had also been there a number of weeks but one could still make out curious ‘swept up’ stalks which gave it a neat ‘shading’ when viewed from above.  Perhaps most interesting was that I found visible plant changes in many of the stalks.  These nodal abnormalities (either stretched, elongated or expulsion cavities) were found in all the circles I saw during my visit.  I tried to take  measurements and, while this certainly wouldn’t qualify as a scientific report, there were statistical differences.  I realize there is much debate about this subject, but to me, these nodal changes cannot be manmade.  Below are some of the close up photos I took of nodes from these crop circles – apologies that my photography isn’t very good (except for the first one – that was taken by my cousin who had a much better camera!).

After England, Greg and I used our air mile points to visit family and friends in various cities across Canada.  On the way back, we stayed a few days in Saskatchewan and drove around the southern part of the province.  I love the vast, open prairie fields and we also passed through many towns were Canadian crop circles have been reported in years passed.  The interesting thing about many Canadian crop fields is that there are usually no tramlines – so if a new crop circle is spotted from the air, there are no entry pathways.  In the past, many have been discovered during harvest time and, this may still be happening, although I can understand the many reasons why farmers are reluctant to publicize that they have come across an unusual geometric formation in the middle of their field.  While many, including the media, often dismiss them as ‘all hoaxes’, I think that if one keeps an open, curious mind to the subject of crop circles, there is much to be learned from this phenomena – about our world, and about ourselves. And I read once that each of us, through this human existence we have, are constantly called to learn, experience, evolve.  Crop circles remind – and challenge us – to do just that.


Abandoned but nonetheless intriguing buildings dot the vast prairies of southern Saskatchewan

I’d also like to share an article which I feel is important – please read Crop Circles…a Sociological Propostition– I found it hit the nail on the head, so to speak, when it comes to how crop circles are perceived today, how society often reacts to them – and how we can change that.  For my part, over the coming months, I hope to include information from past Canadian crop circles, courtesy of the former Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN) website.  Again, I believe this is important information which should be available to all.  And as always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Circles Cropping Up – And Upcoming Talks

Crop circle season is coming into full swing in the UK and Europe.  If you check out the Crop Circle Connector, you’ll see some of the beautiful formations so far this 2016.  One interesting crop circle in Avebury was a ring with a simple circle in the centre (photo here courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector):GreenStreet

It was reminiscent of a Canadian formation from Midale, Saskatchewan, back on September 1, 2001 (photo courtesy CCCRN archives): Midale_ SK #7_ 2001

A somewhat similar formation occurred twelve days later near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England.  A few days after that, it showed a second phase, that is, it ‘evolved’ into a different geometric pattern with a swirly star in the middle.  I’ve seen this ‘phasing’ happen with Canadian formations too, namely the Stewarttown, Ontario formation in late July, 2003 (I’ll write more about this formation in future posts, as well as other Canadian ones). Here is a photo of the Stewarttown crop circle as first discovered, and an aerial of it in its final form (photos courtesy Matt Rock/CCCRN): MattRockStewarttownphotoPHASE1MattRockStewarttownphoto


In my effort to promote awareness of Canadian crop circles, I’ll be giving two presentations this summer.  I am speaking at the Alien Cosmic Expo on Sunday June 26 in Brantford, Ontario.  And in late July, I will be at the The Summer Crop Circle Lectures  in Wiltshire, England.  You can also listen to a radio interview I gave this past May for Aquarian Radio here .

Although I will be travelling quite a bit this year, I would be happy to give other presentations, if I’m available.  Feel free to contact me.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you’ve spotted a crop circle here in Canada.  Perhaps one of the most important aspects, however, is to obtain permission before entering a field.  If it truly is a crop circle,  there are excellent ways to work with the landowner and enable others to experience this wonderful phenomena – I’d be happy to assist with this.  Here is an inspirational video from last year’s season, taken during harvest, which illustrates this point.

Crop Circle Springtime & UFOs

The first crop circle of the 2016 season (northern hemisphere) has been reported on April 8, 2016 in Hoeven, Holland.  The simple quintuplet formation circle in grass was discovered by intuitive Robbert van den Broeke, who for years has been able to ‘know’ when a formation might appear and has recorded many intriguing camera images and experiences (including a famous crop circle formation eyewitness account which occurred when Nancy Talbott of the BLT research group visited Robbert). With this new crop circle, Robbert ‘felt’ something else would occur the next day.  He was drawn to his window where he saw a UFO and was as able to video it. Visitors to the new circle also saw a similar unexplained object in the sky.

The link between crop circles and UFOs is a fascinating one – and one which I hope to explore in future posts. Whatever you may believe, I feel that is important to document these experiences and keep an open mind.  For instance, there have been many reports of ‘balls of light’ in and around crop circles.  Some have even been filmed or photographed.  While many can be explained away as dust, water droplets or reflected insects, others cannot be easily identified.  And then there are the photos in a few Canadian formations for which I have no explanation!  Here are a few from the archives of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN):


Unusual bright ‘balls of light’ (BOLs) photographed in the Weyburn, SK formation on September 4, 2002; not visible to the eye and while possibly insects or dust, remain as yet unidentified (the X is a railway crossing reflector). © Paul Anderson, CCCRN


Strange ball of light (BOL) in Georgetown, Ontario formation, September, 2002 (CCCRN)

Odd "object" above the Wallacetown, Ontario formation in photo taken August 16, 2003 at about 5:00 pm by Amy Copely with a regular 35mm camera, resembling a flying tray... © Amy Copely

Odd “object” above the Wallacetown, Ontario formation in photo taken August 16, 2003 at about 5:00 pm by Amy Copely with a regular 35mm camera, resembling a flying tray… © Amy Copely


On another note, I hope to post more regularly now that the crop circle season is upon us.  I will be including photos and reports from the Canadian archives – crop circles which have come and gone but are worth revisiting.  I am also happy to announce that I will be speaking about Canadian Crop Circles on the morning of Sunday June 26 at the ALIEN COSMIC EXPO held in Brantford, Ontario from June 24-26, 2016.  I’ll also be interviewed about this on May 26 on Aquarian Radio Online . I am very much looking forward to these events as well as my presentation at the Summer Crop Circle Lectures in late July in the UK.  I am travelling quite a bit this year but am open to speaking about Canadian crop circles at any event – which I do free of charge because I feel the phenomenon is that important.