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ashgrove4 Cranbrook_ ON_ 2003

Stewarttown_ ON_ 2003 IM000859.JPG


6 thoughts on “Images

  1. Hello there!…sometimes i cant believe how close the crop glyphs are to home!!.
    I live in north york, toronto ontario!

    Im very interested in the glyphs and there true meanings behind the form and shape.
    Id love to talk to you sometime about it! .
    Feel free to mail me anytime 🙂


    • Hi Daniel, Yes, I was fascinated too when I found out these crop circles were appearing in Southern Ontario. I often wonder how many others are out there which aren’t even reported – we do have a lot of farmland in this area. I think the first step towards understanding these formations is documenting them. Often, they do appear near sacred areas (like Stonehenge in England) but in Canada it becomes a little more obscure, although it could be an ancient native site or an area with some type of ‘spiritual’ history. The formations also often appear where there is a porous rock substrate (like limestone) which is abundant here as well. And as you mention, the shape of the crop circle, and what that means, is always open to interpretation. I tend to look at all the aspects of the crop circle – when and where it was formed, whether there were any unusual events, sightings or coincidences surrounding its discovery etc. – to at least ‘try’ and understand (if only a bit), its significance.


      • Hi I live in Richmond Hill Ontario … I am a disabled senior & I would seriously love to find a real crop circle fairly nearby (I depend on others for transportation).. It would mean the world to me…..Do you know of any that have cropped (?) up so far this summer ? Please take the time to email me. Thank-you so very much.


      • Hi Sheilah,
        Thanks for your comment! No reports yet, but if we get any this year I hope to post here on this blog (as well as whether or not the landowner has allowed visitors). Thanks again!


    • I’m into crop circles since 2005 probably, and I realyse how much rgey are connected to astronomy, sacred law of geometry…the matrix we are conneted to ! Universel laws…but each one are not always easy to untherstand…but no matter what your subconscience know about it…it will unlock doors that need to be reactived for your ascencion !


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