There are many crop circle websites out there – here are a few good ones to get you started:

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network – An archival blog of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN), the first research group for Canadian crop circles.  Although it is not currently updated, it still contains a wealth of information about the phenomenon in Canada.

BLT Research – This site has been documenting the scientific research behind the phenomenon for many years now; also includes fascinating crop-circle related experiences of Robbert Van den Broeke.

Core Group Initiative – A very interesting, broad spectrum crop circle/formation site dedicated to public access to the circles through co-operation with the farmers.

Crop Circle Connector – Since 1995, this website has tracked formation reports in the UK as well as around the world.

Circles Bed & Breakfast – For those travelling to the UK, do consider staying at this lovely and welcoming crop circle-friendly accommodation located in the village of Pewsey. – our go-to drone operator/business based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Temporary Temples – another long-standing crop circle site; check out the amazing photographs and books.

Crop Circle Clay – beautiful crop-circle inspired pottery and jewellery items, handmade in Ohio, USA.


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